Again, we have to thank my favorite author Tim Ferriss for this one. In February of 2009 I came across a piece of information put out by Tim, toting his use of the software program, Evernote, and how much it has helped him become more organized while also reducing clutter.

Evernote is a program you can get for free that allows you to create a database of files, notes, pictures, videos under 25 mb, and actually capturing entire websites and then putting them into digital notebooks which you name yourself. You can have as many notebooks as you like and also tag each note to organize and search by keyword.

evernote iconThe notes are then synced with an online server that keeps your files save and accessible from any computer, plus, you can install the software on multiple computers… windows and mac compliant!

I’m pretty much obsessed with evernote and have close to 900 notes today. I am able to save more information, categorize and access notes and info quickly, and drastically cut down on clutter. In fact, I am paperless.

Going paperless is fantastic, but not easy. The key is to become a human filter when anything comes across your desk, or your doorstep. First, I recommend canceling and removing yourself from mailing lists and newsletters and advertisements (all that crap you get in the mail that you’ll never read or use) to minimize the input of clutter into the filter (you).

Then, every time you get something you have 3 options: recycle it, retain it physically, or retain it digitally. It’s important to gravitate towards recycling and saving digital copies… because that is the building blocks of a paperless lifestyle. Of course, if you need to save it and can’t scan it or take a picture of it to save into Evernote, you’ll have to keep it, but oftentimes you may not have to forever. Many things can be saved for just days, weeks, or months and then tossed into the recycling bin.

If you have any questions or would be interested on hearing more, I’d love for you to send me a comment or email. I would be more than happy to take a snapshot of what my Evernote looks like or how I use it.