Free up space on your iPhone

I have an iPhone 6 and have run into problems with space since I started sending, receiving, and taking more pictures. Texts with attachments were the biggest culprit, followed by an uptick in taking pictures in general. Using Google Photos has helped tremendously to free up space, but with the addition of more apps plus old apps […]

sync ical and address book for free

Do you have 2 or more macs? Don’t wanna pay $100 a year for Mobile Me? Are you slighty techy and looking for a free solution? You’ve come to the right place. Gotta give 100% props to both and to for the below. This is how to sync iCal and Address Book 100% for […]

mac (error code 0) – 4gb limit

I got some great help with this annoying problem from this site: Copying Files – Error Code 0 Hey While moving some large files around the other day I came across a rather funny code that got me confused for quite a while. Every time I tried to copy the file it would throw up […]