get free ringtones

I have been getting free ringtones for the last 5 years – 100% free. Not even a red cent paid!

This is how I did it:

  1. Find yourself a cool ringtone on or

  2. Download it to your computer.

  3. Text it to your phone (assuming you have free texting) by using my favorite place, OR bluetooth it (I prefer texting because sometimes I have trouble with bluetooth)

That’s it!

Now a few stipulations. What you are doing is getting a ringtone (snippet of a song or soundbite) by downloading it from a website. There are many more websites to get free ones from, but you might have to sift through the dirt to find the gold, so those 2 are the ones that I remember and have used most recently… that being said, you can also take one of your own songs in iTunes or whatever you use and record it and shrink it so it’s the proper size. But I find that most ringtones are already done in this fashion by someone else so I’ll just save myself the time by downloading one that’s already done. Last, when you are texting the ringtone to yourself, you’re going to be using MMS. Now I don’t believe you have to do anything special to enable or activate MMS. Regular text messages are SMS, while MMS are messages that can carry attachments — usually pictures or ringtones. Now don’t freak out, if you have received a picture, or have sent one before, you can do MMS and you’re fine. Also, you could test by sending a friend/family member a picture… or even just by sending yourself a ringtone by following the steps I’ve outlined above.

I hope these directions have been clear and helpful. Happy calling everyone!