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How do I add folders for synchronization?

The instructions tell you to right click on a file and select ‘Sync to pCloud’, but for a first time user on a mac this didn’t work for me. What I had to do is to open the desktop app, goto the sync tab, and add a new folder (or file) manually first. Then I was able to use the right click function.

It seems that adding a file manually jogged this functionality to start working.

Can I use pCloud Sync and pCloud Drive at the same time?


Why does pCloud Drive not show on my mac?

For me it wouldn’t show, and when I tried to ‘Enable Drive’ it wouldn’t work. A simple restart got things going correctly, however.

Does pCloud Sync take up hard drive space?

According to an email response I received from the company: “when you are syncing your files via the Sync option, no hard drive space will be taken.”