Free up space on your iPhone

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I have an iPhone 6 and have run into problems with space since I started sending, receiving, and taking more pictures. Texts with attachments were the biggest culprit, followed by an uptick in taking pictures in general.

Using Google Photos has helped tremendously to free up space, but with the addition of more apps plus old apps just getting more bloated (Spotify, Evernote, even Google Photos takes up room) I decided to take action.

The default email app on my phone – called “mail” I believe, has caused me to miss emails and I could not understand why. I ‘removed’ it by deleting my email accounts attached (under mail, contacts, etc in the settings), but the 104MB of space didn’t budge. WTF!

A quick web search taught me that backing up to icloud and then erasing all content and settings would free up the space.

Before erase: 436 MB free out of 16GB

After erase: 3.2 GB free out of 16GB

I was shocked with the incredible results. Freeing up that much space will save me tons of time. No more screwing around scrapping for space. I’m now using the iOS app called: Edison Mail, or just Mail for short by @easilydo. Check them out