Installed Firefox 3.5 but Duplicate tab isn’t working?

Duplicate Tab

<<important note: this is still working for versions after 3.5!!>>

There are a few ways to get Duplicate Tab to work once you install Firefox 3.5…

Easiest Method: get yourself a changed version of this file: duplicatetab-1.0.2.xpi. You can download my finished version right here right now:
(Edit: If the link doesn’t work, try using ‘save target as…’ and then opening it with firefox or dragging it into firefox from your desktop-or wherever you saved it)

If you want to take the long route, your options are:
Option 2. Figure out ‘How to update Firefox or Thunderbird addons to work with a new release.’ You can do that here:

Option 3. Follow these instructions: From mikedepetris ( ):
– download duplicatetab-1.0.2.xpi (Edit: you can get it here
– rename it to or .rar
– extract install.rdf with a suitable archiver
– edit install.rdf
– change the line:
(this makes it good up to FireFox 9.9)
– save install.rdf and repack it in
– rename it to duplicatetab-1.0.2whatever.xpi
– open the .xpi file and install the extension
– play πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone enjoys the newly updated Duplicate Tab extension 1.0.2, it should last you a while πŸ™‚ I use Duplicate Tab all the time for my Mozilla Firefox 3.5, please leave a comment if it helped! πŸ™‚

34 thoughts on “Installed Firefox 3.5 but Duplicate tab isn’t working?

  1. Thank you very much for this. Unfortunately, the shortcut key is not working for me to duplicate the current tab in a new window (cntrl+shift+N.) It takes me directly to my homepage. Can you help me with this?

    1. jd, I tried it and it’s not working for me either. I can duplicate the current tab to a new window if I right click -> goto duplicate tab -> and select Duplicate Tab To New Window. I have never used shortcuts much and usually just right click. sorry jd. I think someone else posted an updated version on the duplicate tab add-on page on the mozilla website. you can try that. just type in “add-on” in google. click the top result, and search for duplicate tab. then read some of the comments. cheers

  2. This was great thanks, until Firefox 3.5.5. came along and deactivated it again! I think I’ll just use the built-in duplicate tab function (ctrl-drag-n-drop your tab) which does what I want.

    1. Tom, you sure it’s not working? After reading your comment, I updated my FF to 3.5.5 to see what would happen. And it works!

      Here’s proof:firefox 3.5.5 update duplicate tab
      I hope you give it another go and it works for you. Maybe you have to install Duplicate tab on a previous version, say 3.5.3 or earlier and get it running, then upgrade to 3.5.5


  3. Installed it and works fine on my 3.5.5
    This is the coolest Add On for Firefox IMO!!!!!!! I use it all the time. Please keep it updated as Firefox gets updated!!!

  4. I cannot do without your duplicate tab, so glad to have found a fix after I’ve purposely not updated FF, did it without thinking today and was mad. You really have an invaluable feature, thank you – followed your update and all is back.

  5. Brilliant! Duplicate tab is back. Now all we need to do is to prevent the Firefox developers disabling add-ons to further their own selfish ambitions.

  6. hey, this is a great addon. One request. I added this addon because of the merge windows feature. Can you create a toolbar icon for this?

    Great job!

  7. Holy mother of Christ…!!

    It works…!! seriously, this damn this really works. πŸ˜‰

    I get so damn tired of Developers not keeping up to date with their
    damn addons, it just pisses me off.

    And now today because of you, I have my Duplicate Tabs back..!!!
    and works flawlessly.
    THANK YOU….!

  8. (insert pretty much what Rob said in his post here)

    …and add that it’s a function I often use, and absolutely HATED not getting it in the latest-and-greatest version. So I re-installed an old 3.5 version to get it back, only to lose it during an automatic “upgrade”. I just installed your addon to my 3.5.9. and it works. Oh, it’s SO NICE to have it back.


  9. incredible.. thank you very much
    from now on i only miss one more old addon: “locate bookmarks” from FF2.x


  10. Hi Nick:

    It’s funny/strange to come back and notice that I was the first happy camper for your add-on in 2009. I’ve been back many times, with every Firefox update it seems (I’ve downloaded your add on, then there was the hard-drive crash, etc; returning here has become habituation, and the add-on has always done the trick besides).

    At this point, I’m fully accustomed to and make important use of duplicate tab in the exact way that it offers functionality (particularly the short-cut keys and the memorized browsing history). Any alternative–apparently there’s something like duplicate tab included in Firefox now?–isn’t an alternative if it can’t do those two things. Isn’t there some way to get your fix made permanent? (Not that I mind popping by your website, of course.)

    The obvious ways are obvious: ask Duplicate Tab’s author to integrate your fix; ask Mozilla to recreate such a properly working duplicate tab that would incorporate your fix; code a version of Duplicate Tab that doesn’t have the “bug” of becoming incompatible each time Mozilla releases a Firefox update; putting out into the world the “how to” for how to make the fix file you created; etc.

    I know there are a lot of people who significantly leverage what Duplicate Tab can do. There’s got to be a way to move beyond bubblegum and baling wire that’s not merely a workable solution just for me.

    In any case, thanks for keeping the fix available.

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