TI-83 Programming with BASIC

TI-83 Programming with BASIC

A few new things. I’m planning on learning javascript. It’s a programming language for computers, and a great way for me to get my foot in the door in computing- which is what I’m most passionate about (aside from performing and writing music). I plan to teach myself, of course, online at w3schools.com and get Certified by taking some exams..

A couple of my closest friends have suggested the site, as it has taught them how to program.

I find that after talking with them, it’s a great way to get into the computing world, but more specifically, the online world. I’ll be able to understand some web programming, likewise build and edit sites with java, and branch out to more languages.

My friends and I agree that I have a good mindset for it – I enjoyed writing programs in junior high for my calculator, and I’ve heard that java uses the same basic ideas.

I’m retiring for the night. Talk soon.

Found some interesting reads the other day; a new approach to getting the job you want outside of college. The advantages of doing free work vs. an internship. With free work, you have more freedom of choice and more control over the work you do. Yes, it’s unpaid, but the relationship you establish and the experience you get are both priceless. In addition, the work is done over a period of weeks or months, not years (unlike a job, which usually last a year or more). The end goal, however, is to bridge over to paid work… once you’ve proven yourself, of course. Even if who you do free work for doesn’t hire you, they will be an amazing reference (and again, you’ve gained experience– both of which can be put on your resume).

If you are interested in reading firsthand about ‘Free Work’ I highly recommend going here, http://www.slideshare.net/choehn/recessionproof-graduate-1722966 it’s the most read slideshare slideshow today.